Wild Harris


Alder 1 LCampbell.jpg(Photo: Laurie Campbell)

Common Alder
Although Alder is native to Harris it is no longer found in any of the natural woodland remnants on crags, island or in gullies. However, it grows fast and thrives in wet conditions and is commonly planted in new native woodlands.
Alder have a unique root sytem with large root nodules which host a special kind of bacteria that can absorb nitrogen from the air, making it available to the Alder asa soil nutrient that can be taken up by the roots. In doing this Alder improves the soil fertility.
Flowers are catkins that are wind pollinated. Seeds are released from female catkins that resemble miniature pine cones.

Alder 2 LCampbell.jpg(Photo: Laurie Campbell)

Common Alder

by Robin Reid