Wild Harris


Meadowsweet 1 LCampbell.jpgMeadowsweet    (Photo: Laurie Campbell)

The flower of meadowsweet is shaped a bit like an umbrella – in fact, it belongs to a family of plants called ‘umbellifers’ as they all have the same shape.

Meadowsweet 2 LCampbell.jpgMeadowsweet    (Photo: Laurie Campbell)

The name comes from ‘meadwort’, because years ago it was used to flavor beer (or mead). The plant was also used to make medicine, and the name for the headache pills Aspirin comes from the scientific name for meadowsweet.

Insects love the white flowers, which smell a bit like almonds. And corncrakes like to live under the shady flowers – the umbrella helps them to hide from predators.

by Alison Tyler