Audio Call

Wild Harris


Skylark 1 CReddick.jpg(Photo: Cliff Reddick)

The Skylark’s song is often one of the first signs of spring and can be heard from February onwards, usually on sunny days. The Skylark’s song is very diverse and often includes snippets of song from other birds which it mimics. In fact it’s sometimes possible to tell which other birds are in the area just by listening to Skylarks and hearing which other birds they are mimicking. Skylarks sing on the wing and can often be very difficult to spot as they hover high in the air.

They can look similar to meadow pipits but they are slightly larger with a thicker bill, more triangular wings and a small crest. Skylarks breed on the moorland edge, on croft land and on the Machair. In the winter they retreat to the coast and many move south.

Skylark 2 LCampbell.jpg(Photo: Laurie Campbell)