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Wild Harris


Snipe 1 CReddick.jpg(Photo: Cliff Reddick)
Snipe are common across the whole of Harris inhabiting any wet boggy areas. They are found on Harris throughout the year feeding on insect larvae, snails and small crustaceans that they find by probing with their long straight bill. Snipe rely on their camouflage to avoid predation, blending in with the beiges and browns of the moorland grasses. They are usually only seen when they explode out of the ground just in front of you.

Snipe have an unusual display, creating a whirring sound by vibrating their tail feathers.

On still spring evenings and mornings Snipe perform their display flight when they zigzag across the sky making a strange whirring sound as they dive. This whirring sound, called drumming is made by the vibration of the outer tail feathers which are held out at right angles to the bird as it dives.

Snipe 2 CReddick.jpg(Photo: Cliff Reddick)