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Wild Harris


Stonechat 3 CReddick.jpg(Photo: Cliff Reddick)

The Stonechat is one of very few small birds to survive on the moors all year

With its black head and bib, and orange breast, the male stonechat is unmistakable. Stonechats are resident on the moors all year and are most common in areas of tall heather or bracken. They often perch on the top of clumps of heather, fence posts or rocks using them as lookouts when searching for insects. Being small, insect eating birds they struggle to survive during the winter and during particularly cold winters their populations crash. However, their numbers soon recover as they can breed several times over each year, often raising 3 broods of 4-5 chicks in a season.

As its name suggests their call is a loud sharp sound similar to that of two stones being knocked together.