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Blind Creel Maker

By Norah MacDonald - Added 18/04/2014

Audio: Norah MacDonald talking about Angus, the blind creel-maker, who lived in Miabhag. Dur: 2.00

It wasn’t unusual to have more than one family living under the same roof. Quite often there would be a family living in one end of a house and a brother or sister living in the other. In Alasdair Alig’s house in Miabhag, Alasdair and his wife Anna Mairi lived in one end and Alasdair’s brother and sister, Angus and Chirsty Ann in the other. Angus was blind and he was very good at making creels and baskets. He had a large shed where he kept a big trough in which he’d soak the willow to soften it so that it would be pliable enough to weave. Norah’s father had one of his creels but Angus made a special miniature one for her brother. He’d go along with his Dad to take some peats home and would proudly manage one or two peats in his little creel. Angus was very sociable and enjoyed a ceilidh. Norah or her brother would go to his house and take him home with them for the evening.